Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wonderful day in the neighborhood!

Another blessed day! Good sales, new account calls, no immediate sales, but some potential.
Ate lunch at Olive Garden and had the most lucious desert, apple bread puddin with cream...yum yum!
Put up Christmas lights, now half of them don't work...will look at that more tomorrow...in the daylight.
Went to Pat and Boots, built a ramp so that Boots can go into Mike and Jan Hewletts home for the Church Christmas party Saturday night, ate a delicious dinner....and looking forward to a great time with family in about two weeks(golf also), (Much golf).
That's all for now...TTFN.


Blake&Moriah said...

You are so weird! Are you going to blog every day?

Dub and BB said...

Yea Daddy! I like your blog! Hope you have another great day today! Love you!

Les Steward said...

Yeah..I think I will. It seems like a good way to let those that matter what is goin on at the ole hosienda!
Another great day today, 2 good orders, and 2 HPO's. that orders that have to get approval and/or PO's issued. Those will be called into me probably before the end of the week...SOP...Standard Operating Procedure.
It is cold, 36, and raining, yes with thunder and lightnin!
Looking forward to our Wednesday Night Class tonight....always enlightening!
Our new sound system is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
What great sound, Bose speakers, and all the bells and whistles....What a Blessing.
Hope all ar well, and prospering.